Experience a Luxury Skincare Awakening: Míage Skincare Debuts at Cosmoprof North America

See it First: New Waterless Skincare Line Activates Dormant Stem Cells

Míage Skincare, a waterless skincare line fusing human stem cell science and isotonic nutrient delivery, will be revealing its transformative line of products for the first time at booth #49245 at Cosmoprof North America on July 28 through July 30, 2019 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas. Introducing an entirely fresh category of luxury skincare, Míage is not only offering powerful stem cell-activating formulas, but also a modern skincare philosophy that boldly deviates from youth-centric beauty ideals and instead, invites consumers to celebrate their “present” beauty.  

To start, Míage Skincare is launching five products:

o  Awakened, The Isotonic Eye Elixir: A concentrated eye treatment to unlock external brightening and deep healing.

o  Invoke, The Night Cream: A dual functioning night cream and intensive mask treatment leveraging human stem cell science and regenerative nutrient blends. 

o  Manifest, The Day Lotion: A waterless and nutrient dense moisturizer for daily complexion support.

o  Bloom, La Milpa Lip Treatment: A powerful healing nectar, Bloom delivers deep nourishment and soothing to the lips.

o  Clarity, The Purifying Wash: A balancing facial cleanser that gently dislodges pore-clogging oil, grease, and environmental stressors from the skin.


Opting for richer and more active skincare formulas, Míage has replaced water with a proprietary La Milpa Cactus extract. These isotonic solutions are unique in their ability to work in osmosis with healthy skin cells, a process that allows its stem cell activating nutrient blends to pass through skin naturally and more efficiently.

Míage will be revealing its impressive product line to the public for the first time at Cosmoprof North America at booth #49245. To schedule a media and/or buyer appointment, please contact Jessica Lieu at jessica@tylerbarnettpr.com.

To learn more about Míage Skincare, please visit https://miageskin.com


Source: Miage Skincare