For Those Soon to Be Pain-Free: TerraVita Releases Its CBD-Enhanced Max Relief Gel Roll-On

TerraVita CBD Max Relief Gel Roll-On

TerraVita's New Broad-Spectrum CBD, Menthol, and Aloe Vera Blend Takes on Cramps, Aches, Pains and More

Known for its consciously-crafted CBD blends, TerraVita launches Max Relief Gel Roll-On, a broad-spectrum, CBD-powered pain relief balm, enhanced with cooling menthol and anti-inflammatory aloe vera. As with all of TerraVita’s premium CBD products, their new Max Relief Gel Roll-On is sourced from a clean supply chain free of pesticides, herbicides and GMOs.

“TerraVita’s new Max Relief Gel Roll-On functions like a natural Icy Hot with a supercharged CBD twist,” says Justin Matoesian, who co-founded TerraVita, alongside Laurence Sisk and Zach Lyons. “It’s incredibly effective for aiding muscle recovery, cramps, aches and other pains.”

TerraVita’s Max Relief Gel Roll-On contains 500 mg of premium broad-spectrum CBD and is entirely THC-free. Each batch of CBD is CO2 extracted to preserve all essential cannabinoids and terpenes and is also lab-tested to ensure purity, potency and safety. 

“Whether you are seeking relief after sitting hunched at a desk or phone all day, an athlete looking for support before and/or after workouts or games, hoping to alleviate cramps or body aches or in need of a topical alternative or complementary addition to ingested pain-relieving medicine, Max Relief was crafted to work … and work fast,” says Matoesian. “Our highly potent CBD is complemented by soothing menthol and deeply healing aloe vera for a natural three-pronged attack against pain.”

TerraVita’s Max Relief Gel Roll-On is available now at and retails for $75.

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Consciously crafted with humans, pets and the planet in mind, TerraVita introduces premium, full-spectrum CBD products, blended with high-powered natural ingredients and beneficial terpenes. Each TerraVita product is masterfully mixed using natural adaptogens, botanicals and high-quality supplements, like Ashwagandha Root, Green Tea Extract, and Melatonin, with the intention of elevating consumers’ bodies and minds. Passionate about providing a more transparent, custom-tailored and accessible CBD experience, TerraVita uses only the purest and most sustainable processes, including CO2 CBD extraction that allows its tinctures to maintain all essential cannabinoids and desired terpenes. TerraVita is manufactured in an FDA-registered facility, holds both CCOF and AEMSA certifications, and is GMP compliant. Additionally, each bottle contains a scannable QR code, which empowers consumers with full visibility into their products' lab results. Current TerraVita CBD tinctures include high-potency customized blends for pain management, sleep, relaxation, and focus, as well as a specialized line of CBD pet blends. 

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